Msito Humphrey Kariuki is in Court Today..

Jamaa operates in his own way.

Sai yuko kortini not many people got wind of it.

For a case of 41B, yet he goes to court without the fanfare ya DPP or DCI hehe. Huyu ni master.

Ata Mimi kra inadai nilipe 2000

Elezea brarre …
Where was he found? Ama ni yeye amejileta kwa court? Ata ka ni kujileta, you can’t just sneek in. Or is he seeking an injunction to prevent his arrest?

Very calm guy

Smooth operator

Nobody knows, or rather i do not know :D:D:D:D:D:D. Many were saying hayuko kenya, ati yuko London. Could be easier for Immigration to Flag his Passport and arrest him in the Airport.

Jamaa was around here just playing cat and mouse game with the authorities


See our lives…

He was summoned, how else did you want him to appear? To go to the media and announce? A journey from London take about 10 hours. But really, does it matter where this thief was, it is his problem if he made it appear like he was in London. Like always, people are fascinated by the thievery, using the best adjectives to describe him positively; smooth operator, calm guy, operates his own way; come on, of course a thief operates his own way, it is a deviant behaviour from the majority

Just steal 1B first alafu we will talk about you… Anyway you saw how kina Rotich were handled.

Him he was summoned, he didn’t appear.
He made an application to unfreeze his assets while in oblivion.
He got the orders.
DCI were looking for him in London.
2 weeks later he appears in court.

That’s a smooth operator.

Wewe Piga kelele tu, na OCS wa Central Police Station anakuenda ndani from Friday to Monday without blinking na u won’t do shit

We all know those being arrested and charged are not being taken through the same due to their thieving ways…it is because they placed their bet on the wrong horse according to the powers that be…this is just a circus and an insult to our collective intelligence

si muende mutombwe na huyu jamaa?

Smooth operator

They also say that he was in South Africa and his jets were missing, so he could have arrived discreetely.

Even the main stream media were beaten hand down .He just brought himself to court

you guys are ridiculous, kama kina artur could came and be given assistant of commissioner badges you think a local billionaire doesn’t know the ropes? Kama kina akasha manipulated the system, how many do you think have?Only last week police conducted a raid and pretended they didn’t knew the person they were looking for was under going surgery in India .

Alikua around io time yote but akatuma pilot aende lusaka then uk aconfuse the clueless githeri media

Na vile DCI wamezoea kukamata watu dramatically nje ya headquaters. Missed photo-op or big wig treatment?

Mwizi ni mwizi Hakuna uzito hapa

He has sound legal advisors. The first step he took was resigning, so case yake haita affect biashara zake na accounts za kampuni in any way. more time to transfer his money to Mauritius for further transfer to other classified locations

Nani ako na ile picha ya wamama wa leso?