Is back after much needed break
What did I miss?


niaje @Bingwa Scrotum

Tell us about your wife mwenye ulimchukulia loan ya 1 millie mfanye harusi. I want to include it in my new book that I’m writing called world’s dumbest fools.

Seems locusts have cleared all the vegetation

You missed water.

Leave alone my wife

Maybe you shouldn’t have talked about her in the first place. We demand to know, we are the online in-laws.

Bado haujahama marsarbit

Jimit I have just opened your ktalk file
Have a spare ktalk handle because things will get real hot your will disappear from this site

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D oh I’m so scared. Have mercy on my soul

Do I take this as " dont do this please"

Go play with your wife’s quims NV and suck on a dick, this is ktalk motherfucker.

Wait on a second
Stupid troll.

Share your IP address nikuje na kisu nikutahiri

Hiyo shadow in the foreground ni ya nini?

Free advice. If somebody puts something an a web forum you can’t shame them about it. It is possible to shame a person on FB because all his friends and family are there but not on a forum like this one.
Welcome back lakini

Naona Jimit umejitetea na your other handle

@Jimit ni mbwa

It seems you live in Kalahari desert my friend.

Tell the fool.