Msichana oleka kabla uzeeke

Hizi ni zile zimeaccumilate mileage Mbaka odometer imekatika…

Aki nisaidiwe na any connection to these 10th world wonders[ATTACH=full]83973[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]83974[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]83975[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]83976[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]83973[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]83975[/ATTACH]


@culture, leta ata number

vile tumbo zinafichwa lol insecurities za madem hunibamba.The eyes of a seasoned predator


Nikupee number yake

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Isn’t it a little too early?

barren chieth

Wacheni kuingiza madem baridi. Janet Jackson got pregnant at 50. Kitambo Artificial Reproductive Technology were for kina Celine Dion and the rich but in the near future it will be readily available for anyone. It doesn’t make you less of a woman anyway

Ukiangusha za soddom nitaweka hii pia omwami

:D:D she’s misquoting and misleading ofcos without her knowledge. They all had different reasons for waiting…waiting for different things even.

C’mmon man, barrenness aint a joke. It’s a physical defect
ION, I don’t know who educated most men here. Marriage is not a measure of happiness or success, neither is having a child.
If she’s happy, that’s enough.
Most(not all) married people are living fake lives.

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Ako wapi @cleaveland okoe hii poko…mtu anapeana vitu for years halafu ‘anaokoka’ ati ili apate mwanaume…aint nobody have time for that

Let Her Be!

Who said A woman has to get married? And A Man has to get married as well?

Hii Upus ndo maana Africans will always wallow in extreme poverty! I was told eti marriage will make me ‘complete’ i told the fellow what missing parts do i have?

Not every woman can be a mother as not every man can be a Dad, that’s why we have street kids! People who shouldn’t have kids had them!

Kids will only ensure the survival of your genetic material, that’s it they will ensure your genes get passed on ( which are not that great by the way!)

Marriage might be great but its not for everyone.


:D:D:Dviolently!!!:smiley: kwani ulikua hapo ukiwitness??:smiley:

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i dont normally listen to nyakundi much but he nailed it on this article

this image of shaq especially after such a hilarious comments hunimaliza!

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Have you ever seen rich folk who bitch about poor folk? Ati these poor people are sooo hopeless! These poor people refused to work hard,so now theyre poor, how stupid! They spent all their money instead of investing it, now theyre so bitter and/or religious? They don’t because theyre too busy enjoying their wealth or too happy to care or to waste their time glotting over the poverty of others. Slander is a sign that you want to feel better about yourself by putting another person down.People who are happy and content, not only mind their own business but also do not slander others for being different!

This business of married folk or people with kids dissing those who don’t, is bullshit! If you’re soooo happy, then enjoy yourself n leave the single childless ones to whatever misery you imagine theyre in. Wacha watu waishi maisha wanataka kuishi.

Maisha ni yake,uterus ni yake,mwili ni yake she can dish it to the whole world if she so desires! Pilipili usioila yakuwashani? Live and let live.Its a free country, if you’re so concerned, why dont you marry her or lend her your kid?

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these women never see it coming…I’m sure all she wishes for right now is to turn back time… kama hawa ndio mafisi wanafaa kutumia for practice, give her the impression u’ll marry her and she’s your slave… just like when they were young n hot they used to give men the impression that they wanted sex only to vacuum an innocent guy’s wallet… malipo tunamalizana hapahapa hii dunia


These are the people, Ruto calls busybodies! So, busybodies keep off! Misery loves company, you’re a failure and a miserable one and very idle,you are searching the net for quotes of people you’ve never even met and speculating alilala na nani,yet youve never even met her. Shame on you! Its high time you got a life.Brokeass haters! Mscheeewwww!