Kwani hawa majamaa wako desperate aje wananipigia simu with threats niwalipe loan ya mwezi mmoja ni kama am their only hope in life?

:smiley: was it a lady with a costarian accent? Next time akishasema ’ nakupigia kutoka mshwari’ just tell her, ‘jiongeleshe’ and hang up the phone :smiley:

Peasant detected. Lipa deni ya safcon ndio hata sisi tuweze kukopeshwa!

no wonder sipendi kukopesha watu pesa, kulipa nataka mpigane.

Mimi sipendi madeni, and i love paying my debts, lakini wale wako na deni zangu, kulipa huwa matanga. Kuna jamaa nakumbuka ,i had to panel beat him, broke his phone ndio niridhike, nione hiyo pesa haijapotea.


Haukuwa unajua utalipa loan!?

Loan nitalipa, haina shida. Shida ni venye wananidai ni kama wameambia mtu eti “kuna jamaa ana deni wacha nimuitishe anilipe nikusort, sawa, by jioni”

Panga line nyuma ya Couch P msikizane vile mtalipa mobile loans.

My all time strategy with these kinds of callers is to tell them to hold on while I fetch the phone owner, halafu naiweka kando and go about my business as loudly as I can.

Kitu 60 seconds later wanakata. Works a charm on ZUKU.

Lakini enyewe ni umaskini gani unafanya mtu kukopa pesa na simu?

What happens if one fails to pay these mobile loans.

CRB registration, which means no lender of repute (think overdraft, car, business, mortgage) will advance you money.

Even if you eventually pay up, it costs money to erase that record.

That is why I think it is daft to take those usurious consumer loans. Imagine getting a CRB record because of 1500 shillings.

Wewe hauki crb na bado hujajenga gorofa na miaka imeenda sana

Apart from CRB, they cant follow defaulters to recover their money.

Oh yes they can if the amount is large enough to justify paying a collector.

I suspect that they write off about 2-5% and recoup the losses by charging huge interests.

On Mshwari:

8. In case of non-payment, the customer relationship with Safaricom and the M-PESA service is left largely undisturbed.

No airtime or M-PESA balance will be transferred to the loan without the customer’s consent. If the loan is not repaid by day 31, it is automatically renewed for an additional 30 days, and the customer receives a text letting her know that if the loan is not repaid, it will be reported to the credit bureau as required by law. If the loan remains unpaid, a second reminder is sent on day 60, a third and final reminder is sent on day 90, and the loan is reported on day 120. The late repayment will remain on the credit bureau for five years, but once the balance is cleared, the status will change to paid.

9. CBA reports non-performing loans of 2% over 90 days.

For an unsecured loan offered remotely over the mobile channel, non-performing loans of 2% is rather impressive. Although it started out higher at launch, refinements in the credit scoring, new data based on use of M-Shwari savings and repayments, and better understanding about implications of being reported to the credit reference bureau have helped bring down non-performing loans.

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