Mshaona hii?

Turns out this war is all about economics like all other wars that have been fought in the past.

Wakimalizana na Gaza haikosi wataenda Niger kuvuruga; Trans-Saharan gas pipeline imekwama.

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Even if you tell it to fools like @rexxsimba , @Landlord , @applebee100 they will still lick children of 'god ’ holy Anuses


Add the gas found off the shores of Gaza. Hence why they pushing them out of there waiuze.

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You’ve become a geologist know.

The philistines shaked the hornet’s nest

:grin: in this village we wear different caps depending on the topic under discussion

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KABISA @Chelsea2

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The idiocy exhibited in here by backward juveniles and assorted morons is amazing …

Ask yourself

  • Why is Persian extremist Shiite Iran so busy exporting War and Chaos in the Arab territories of Iraq , Syria , Lebanon , West Bank and Gaza utilizing their terrorist mercenaries Hamas and Hezbollah …???

  • Do you really think it is out of their concerns for the welfare and progress of their Arab neighbors …???

  • Why don’t they instead channel all that energy to improve the dismal state of their people and economy and open up the Iranian Democratic space …???