So Gladys shollei after kukula pesa ya judiciary hataki watchmen tuongezwe mishahara?

I saw that report nikashindwa nini mbaya na hako kamama. Kamekula kitu ndio kakubali wahindi waendelee kudhulumu watchmen.

Lakini 25000 watchman ni doh kibao sana

Màisha ya watchmen in complicated sana. Most actually don’t need a salary to survive. Picture the day of a typical day watchman:-
[li]Reports to work at 530 am anapata Otty was accounts anakula Mwende the tea girl. Otty gives him 500 kukanyagia story,[/li][li]Mwende gives him free tea and snacks with a packet of stolen milk in the evening,[/li][li]Lipishas 20-50 Bob kwa parking ya kanji,[/li][li]Anaosha magari jioni kwa estate,[/li][li]Anakula mamboch na mama mboga for free,[/li][li]Etc[/li][/ol]
By the end of the day, ninja can easily have a free 2k. If you have ever wondered how soldiers survive in Nairobi with two wives and kids on a 10k salary, there is your answer.

Hako kamama ni wazimu mkuu. I don’t like her at all!!!

Accounts aingie 5 job?

Same case here, kwanza her face always looks funny, like she wants to cry or something

watchman hakuna kitu unaongezewa,shaitan

At least I dont go around on an anonymous forum begging for pussy.

it’s is just the beginning kuomba nitaomba,

What makes you think every day is as Hollywood ish as you have explained? Those guys deserve 30k minimum pm. Try standing for 8 hours, getting some ugly looks from 70% of the people who see you, and only getting a hi from people that are pretending to be friendly so you can give them directions. See how it feels, then come comment about how much they should earn.

they are not slaves , if they don’t like it , they can quit & get another job …easy !

Point is, no one should cap their salaries.

Sad. Na Atwoli ako wapi? Is he not the most useless, overpaid idiot who has never done anything to enhance worker’s rights! Everyone deserves a raise especially low income workers in risky environments.

Economy haijawahi pelekana na feelings. Their employer pia Luna vile an a struggle. If the pay is as low as we are made to believe, they can resign and offer their security services as independent contractors. Ndio ulipe watchman 30k how much will you be charging your client and how many will be willing to pay? Waking up and stating that watchmen walipwe 30k minimum is oversimplification of complex problems. Where I stay, we are 20 in a court and we pay 1500 per month for security. Half the houses have not been paying for the last 2 years leaving the rest with the burden of securing the court. Had to terminate the contract with the security firm and got two independent contractors whom we can afford to pay. The situation is replicated across Nairobi.

Starehe ni gharama. Trying to dictate how someone should really be paid means whoever is paying ndie ako broke. What I’m saying is if one wants to walk in the shoes of a secured person, then they should have the outfits to match.

Sawa. I agree with you hata kama umepost umeffi. Salary increment and minimum wage bado itabaki kuwa hekaya if we continue voting for clueless leaders who think money grows on trees. My bet is that kama uko na mboch, her salary is nowhere near the minimum wage.

its not shollei but the parliamentary committe
she chairs

25k being the line between your life and death na labda unachunga a multi million corporation…i think mshahara should be directly proportional to new income of a corporation…if i earn more i should be able to pay my employees alil more…but ukweli ni no ones does that…

For instance,wale Huescort pesa na makarao,they shouldn’t earn 14K

Wale huchunga places Kama shops za saf au bank