Mshaanza kufeel hii kitu?

Every year, on this day, like clock work, there’s a wind that blows across the land.
Heavy yet hollow, it roars, rowing upon shut doors and empty streets.
It whistles above subdued noises in every corner of the city. It brings a once-in-a-year freshness in the air-public transport and manufacturing is significantly scaled down.
At the same time, it marks the beginning of a long and painfully endless period of strife for many. Kids are back in school (money). You have to return to boring work life. You ate too much over the festivities, your body thought that would last forever.

It is the wind on [SIZE=1]un[/SIZE]Boxing Day. It is a lonely wind. It is beautiful wind. It is an alarm wind, a press-the-reset-button wind. A come back to reality wind.
I’d say covid-19 has made the next few months uncertain. But we all know that’s a lie. The reality is that our screw up of a government sold us for peanuts and left us out to dry. Nay-to crack and splinter like over-dried wood or ugali.

Hii kuandika yote haikusaidii na haitusaidii

Ungeandika hivi shule compo ungepata ile A- nilipata '94

But haikuwa rahisi hivyo

You have written the truth. This week resets our brains back to default mode. You come to terms with reality