Msee Njomo Kinyatta

Has no known parents.
No known brothers or sisters.
People are divided on his real ethnicity.
Some claim he hailed from coast, others from Maasailand and some from central.
He seems to have perfectly erased his past.
Maybe he was an al…

His real name was Kamau Ngegi from Ichaweri.

Who were his parents?

It seems he sold all of them to colonialists as slaves to be gifted " the presidency".

His offspring has now graduated to the level of auctioning all kenyans apart from his family to China & EU.

Kenyatta was Luhya

[SIZE=7]Hakutoka Uganda ? [/SIZE]

he had a natural charisma, nyeuthi anatoka from the jungle Kenya in the 20’s and 30s and manages to marry a white woman, alafu akarudi na kupewa presidency kama birthright by Jaramogi, alafu akanyakua mashamba kama yote coast, :smiley: it almost reads like the ultimate con that could only be pulled by a very smooth talking criminal, hata wa leo bonobos still want to claim him as their own kin even though they admit aliwaibia

Very evil and devilish family. They’re the cause of everything wrong with this country. They need total extermination.

Mzito was born in 1890’s I doubt they’re alive.

Nothing mysterious about Kamau

He had a know brother
A cousin of President Uhuru Kenyatta won back his inheritance after a protracted legal battle that culminated at the Court of Appeal earlier this month.

Peter Mugo, born to Elizabeth Mumbi and [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Jomo Kenyatta’s brother James Ngengi Muigai, had been left out of his father’s will. Also left out was his brother Peter Nyoike.

Like 70% of kikuyu youth…

He had a lot of brothers and sisters.
But after he went to Europe and came back, he cut them off.
He didn’t want to associate with peasants.
He even left his first wife and children.

Parents, Muigai and Wambui

You have to cut off some people to survive.

Sure, you have to survive to cut off some people

Tumeona picha mingi akiwa na Margaret the late former Nai mayor,dancing.

Yap. People who know you too well can be bad for business.

When I was young my dad told me of someone who made a mistake of getting someone employed place alikuwa anafanya job.

Of course there is an image alikuwa amepotray huko kazini. The friend he brought over started telling everyone how he once stole and collapsed a company he used to work for. The ninja started noticing that his colleagues are avoiding him, getting cold towards him and indifferent only to realize venye kunaenda.

Hakukaa sana, alifutwa.

He even left his first wife and children. The first wife ‘nyakiabi’is one of the largest land owners in kanairo , in possession of over a thousand acres of land !

That was his daughter