Msedes for sale

Kenya becomes the first country in Africa to operate double stack container wagons.
naskia ata parcels wataanza kubeba.
Narudi sub-county kulima.

The USA has a critical shortage of truck drivers. Start sending out resumes. Huwezi Jua you could earn top bucks.

Hiyo SGR does not comprehensively cover kenya. Trucks are still needed. And even comprehensively covered countries still use trucks to ferry goods from the train docks to the point of use

karibu nyumbani musubcounty

asande sana musubcounty
saigon bado kuna cham?

cham ilimalizwa na ethanol sijui methanol

kwahivo nijibebee mnazi?
huko sitakunywa kitu

Truckers knew this was coming. The wise ones made adjustments to tackle the new situation. Those that stuck to the old business model will die out, but the ones who accept their new role will survive.

Alafu Meria, the not too distant future, hizo lorry zenu zitakuwa za kwanza kuwa self driving vi-official.

How did you post this before Mr jubilee development or he’s busy sorting the mess girlfie is in?

ive got an ear on the ground

but not on the current roads we have