Msedes deree lynched over suspected uhunye sheep

A truck driver lynched, his truck set ablaze after irate residents intercepted him in Narumoru’s Makara area along Narumoru-Nyeri Road while transporting sheep suspected to have been stolen from ‘Ha Macharia’ village.

Badala wachome mbuzi (wakule)…,wanachoma lori

Uhuru atawalipa how much vile wameua ndugu yao juu ya kondoo?

He is not our brother, he’s vermin. People who make others poor because of their greed need to be dead.

Kwani Ha Macharia ni kwa Uhuru?

Any way, good riddance…

Kwani kondoo za uhunye bado zinaibiwa?

Hizo kondoo ni curse tupu

mngeua mwenye mzigo, sio dereva.

What about uhuru and his never-ending appetite for public funds?

The thief and his watcher are one (and the same).

Focus please.

Nimeona twitter ati hawakuwa na evidence na kuibwa. So likely an innocent person has just been killed and property destroyed. Kenya ni shida tupu

Siet, hii si ni mkuu.

Maskini ni adui wa maskini!

Hizo kondoo za Uhuru zilikuwa nyeupe, smart sana.

Hizi within a few weeks rangi imebadilika zimekuwa hasora. Ogopa Kenya.

What if the vehicle was contracted to transport the cargo bila kujua whats going on? Unless they are sure the driver was part of the gang

Instant justice embakasi style.


A young dude. Was he engaged in the get-rich-quick schemes that are dispatching many young people to the afterlife?