Ms Sanchoka

Ms Sanchoka …


Siwezimind kulipa 3k

Pia mimi.

Kuna umbwa nairobihot inatumia hii picha, am sure people have been disappointed.

:D:Dcan imagine

Not bad. Miguu imenona kiasi but nobody’s perfect.

Sanchoka is near Perfect … :D:D




The wall is relentless and undefeated

iyo mafwi imespread vizuri sana kwa kitanda…

The only wall is see is the wall of her home …


Thirsty beta male,the wall is relentless and undefeated,why does she have to advertise if she’d that hot?

Despite the wall being relentless, her sex appeal is exceptional.

Well said …
But some Jokers in here still talking about “walls” …



Mali musuuuri kabisa

Mbona ako na vidole mrefu hivo

The Better to Stroke You with … :smiley:

Ms Jane Rimoy AKA Sanchoka



Anakojoa fanta tunakunywa tu…