Ms Corey











Far better compared to the worn out CBD hoes you are so fond of …
Bure Kabisa …

Wanaume wajiheshimu. Kuna momos na kuna fat women. Distinguish and respect your dick else you will end up validating fat ugly women eti BBW.


Team big mamas…huyu nafyeka musuri sana

Learn to distinguish between your love of Boney Women and ignorance of BBW qualities …:smiley:


Showers every 20mins.
Sweats in places that ideally shouldn’t be.

17 thumbs down.

@rexxsimba mwenyewe

So someone decided to clothe a bloody rhinoceros…

All a figment of your inexperienced imagination …
Try One…:smiley:


She was all fine at the beginning, until her thighland was exposed

Dinouser of a woman

watu ya duduu ndogo waache kufungua nyuzi za @rexxsimba munapenda kucomplain saa zote:D:D:D:D


They lack Confidence …:smiley:


Jiheshimu nani[ATTACH=full]323112[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]323112[/ATTACH]