MS Access.

Iam creating a stock management database in ms access out of boredom, kitu imenilemea ni a way vile the quantity of items will automatically reduce from the item table after they are ‘issued’ or ‘sold’. Is this possible in access? if so how?

Yes it’s possible. You can work out the balances in a query and/or report.

will the items table affected? cause i want it to reduce ndio nijue when i’m running low on stock

set a macro or some vba code to execute ( “update Stock_Table set StockTable.quantity = StockTable.quantity -Sales_table.quantity where SalesTable.StockItem=StockTable.StockItem and StockTable.StockItem = thisform.Stockitem”) something like that

Tumia Filemaker is access still used in this day and age?

you can write a query to calculate a reducing balance …that way you can easily set a triggers you need

Table does not change…unnless you want it to create a new table to store periodic balances