[li]Start by thinking and acting as a high Quality Woman and marketing yourself as such. I used the business term (marketing) because you are in the business of life and you are marketing yourself. There is a message you project to the world. Always present yourself well. Many women of all ages simply let themselves go. In other words they start to value themselves much less. Letting your appearance go can be a tell tale sign that you feel bad about yourself.[/li]

[li]What is classy is special. Classy is not found on every street corner. A classy woman has to be found and cultivated. That’s the reason high class women are rare and sought after. Build confidence by reading positive affirmations and reading your Bible. Check out my positive affirmations category right here on SCW. Meditate on a scripture that makes you feel good. You may want to put up positive affirmations around your house, on the frig, whatever works for you. Constantly remind yourself, you’re significant, God loves you, and you can live your best life.[/li]

[li]Lead by example. People may not believe what you say, but they will always believe what you do.[/li]

[li]Keep your property in good shape. Our neighbors can tell a lot about us by how we keep our property. Keep your home and surroundings well kept. Keep your car clean as well as your school and work materials organized. People will see that you put time and effort into your belongings.[/li]

[li]Be a cultured person. Notice the events happening around you as well as events happening around the world. Whether it’s movies, entertainment, politics, or current trending issues. The more you know the more well rounded you become which makes you a great conversationalist, able to converse on a variety of topics.[/li][/ol]

Oria uko na shida gani na madam kula kwenyu bila kusumbua.

shida iko wapi sasa

Unaomba slices na fujo sana.

Pewa kilo mbili ya marinated pork choma on my bill uwache kusumbuana na wamama.

Ongeza yeye toilet paper.

wewe una umama zaidi kuliko @Mrs4thletter mwambie akugawie some of her panties na tampons uwache kusumbua…

@Deorro @Mundu Mulosi @Electronics4u si muniondolee hii tail sitaki kufuatwa fuatwa na kutajwa ovyo