@Mrs Shosho , @digi ....Can you believe this coward gov has just sent D-Material f-uckers to counter the revolution





Bado mapambano itaendelea liwe liwalo

Afande @langatkipro …can you restrain your boys bana

How many times do I have to tell you that I am not a policeman. I don’t even give a damn about what happens there

all it takes is one spark at the right place… arab revolution ilianza when one man set himself on fire on live TV at revolution square…

The train has started we ain’t relenting. Tears ni mlo kwetu. Muthamaki must fall. liwe liwalo.

Revolution can never happen in Kenya. It is a different environment altogether with different culture and practices . You better use your time to do other important things rather the stupid and not well thought idea of revolution and maandamano

As many times as you can…21 Bln times hivi :smiley:

@maizeroaster hiyo tumutu tano ndio revolution? ok, ok, I know the revolution is supposed to have a snowball effect but this does not look like anything that had a snowflake’s chancew in hell.

Wapi picha za freedom corner?

Mambo bado my fren

Important things like looting billions in construction of carpets & towels dams: Kenyans are no longer patient naive f-uckers

niaje ktalk warrior,I see you didn’t join them,you are cheering from the comfort of ktalk. woose! Also what happened to Uhuru park? the people couldn’t come so you decided to go to the people :smiley: :smiley:

@ deorro, @Purple can you merge this thread with the other one, they are same subject, just an update,this fucker is just spamming.

if you have to go to jobless corner at Hilton/archives to show the semblance of a crowd then you have an uphill battle.
Also all I see are people bored out of their lives,where are the red vests?


Offer yourself please.

Why don’t you set yourself on fire ? Ignite the revolution! :smiley: