Mrs Shithole to be investigated by government for faking historic pregnancy

She claimed to be carrying dectuplets.

Oya Mbuta vipi?

Na yule mwenye aliijivunja mguu ndio asiende retire,how is the case going?

Mambo…gotea @chap kakiamka najua bado kamedozz

Hehe, you couldn’t resist adding that H to Sithole, huh?

I saw her thread here a few days ago

Play on words

@ChifuMbitika surely i thought the biggest news from that country right now is zuma being sentenced to a prison term of 15months, yaani a former president going to prison! Hii ingine ya dectuplets ni reporter ndio alikua mjinga,he reported without verifying with both the woman and the hospital where she supposedly delivered

Child trafficking banae. Hii ni noma kuliko mwizi wanamjua akipapaswa asafishwe.

Explain the childtrafficking bit to me

If she is giving away her children then, no problem. Lakini kama hana watoto na anapeama watoto, big problem. Thats why Deya’s wife could get children every three months miraculously amd gifting/selling to childless couples

@Mnyambuliko you are using guess work and theories when you could have just googled and retrieved all the facts,she didnt give birth so there are no children. I understand she faked the whole thing to piss off her ex boyfriend

Hapo nimenoa. I saw fake pregnancy na kichwa ikaruka kwa Deya.

Hiyo ya Zuma tushawekewa hapo chini

Anaenda tu home atulize with all the perks ,think berlusconi

Her name is Sit-hole. Sithole. Sio Shithole!

True dat broda!

@chap ni beshte wa nguvu @kanguthu ndio hulala next to me…

faggot takataka

Uza mkundu polepole bila kunitaja ghaseer maraya.