Mrembo ni kama ame live tweet akijinyuria

Life is just a small phase in the timeline of the universe. Make the best of it kabla siku yako ifike.

Huyu mwoman who tweets about chakra, third eye vodoo, inhaling herbs and yoga…huyu anakaa shinda ya kujitakia ukimkatia

Seems she’s ok

Attention seeking tu.Mtu serious na kujiua huwa hasemi.You find them dead with foam slowly oozing from their mouth or hanging on a tree kama mbuzi ya kiamaiko

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Good riddance to rubbish

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Does she not understand that attempted suicide is a crime,and she is tweeting about it😁

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This is a mentally sick person. Only sane people fear losing their freedom

Siwezimind kukula corpse ikienda from warm to cold

sasa this is premium clout chasing,mtu bure kabisa…most likely story ya jaba…i opened link very fast only to see shes alive and well ati aliokolewa …nkt

She should be arrested and charged with attempted suicide

Attention seeking whore

Mood What GIF by NBC

Her and @cortedivoire deserve each other.