Mr Uhuru, Please Hypothesize on anything else but THIS!

at least he’s not full-a-shit like you know who… @ranny leta picha…


One thing that is for sure is that if Raila wins people are going to commit suicide.


Do you think the mpigs would readily impeach him and go back to the drawing board, not in Kenya hawo majama ulafi haiwezi wakubadilsha.

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At the rate that people are quitting on Raila i am beggining to wonder if he stands a chance…


huyu ameniangusha sana na hii talk ovyo,I really like rao fighting spirit.

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the numbers simply don’t add up!

Raila will win. UOTP

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babuon doesn’t give shit about governing,he just want to be THE president


Those MPs will leave uhuruto in the dark [SIZE=2]and possibly in Hague[/SIZE]. They are hyenas, greedy and always looking for the best eating opportunity.

Which people? Rutto (who brought nothing to the table and he even could not win himself) or Hassan Omar (LOL)?

We all know who is full of shit…the guy who goes scratching his butthole (and spreading cholera) in public whenever a decision goes against him

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It was NDP, happy now?


kama utaki uhuru enda state house urushe mawe kijana…

Here it is (warning explicit… keep away from kids)

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Ati kamelon said they plan to reduce Uhuru’s numbers in parliament by winning many petitions. What does the guy smoke?
What assurance does he have they will win the subsequent by elections?
Another deluded one is Martha Kangozi, biatch wants the entire results of the August elections nullified citing the Supreme Court ruling.
God have mercy for this country if we are ever going to get anything else done.

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Hatutamrushia mawe.
Hatutamrushia kura.

UOTP!! UOTP!! the fact that it has crossed his mind that Raila may win and he already exposed his next move is a plus. For the right amount of cash, the MPs will shift alliances.

Rwnebp! Ata hakuna kitu ingine ya kuongezea

Mr. Pres has let RAO get to him, he needs to get some grip.

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some realistic pre nut clarity is slowly gaining momentum in uhuru’s mind.

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He just wants to be called a president, even if its for a day, even if it is a dysfunctional country on its knees…

Mumeamua salaams za siku hizi ni ‘uotp’ na ‘rwnebp’. ok.

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