Mr Prime Minister

Obviously most of you have been dying to know my thoughts on the bill that seeks to reintroduce the PM and DPM positions in the country. I’m much obliged to share my take on the current structure vis-a-vis the one sought by Tiaty MP Kassait Kamket. Right now we have what we call a presidential system where, on paper, the winner of the majority or popular vote ascends to the position of CIC. A parliamentary system would ensure that an executive PM is voted in by the MPigs. The advantages of this may be:
[li]Parliament will be able to play its oversight role on the executive more effectively.[/li][li]A person from any tribe can ascend to power if they can convince the MPigs. [/li][li]The presidency will become less attractive making elections less than a do or die affair. With this the level of tribal hatred may just reduce.[/li][/ul]
I could write about politics the whole day but lemme stop at that. In summary, a parliamentary system may actually be better for our country if we put aside the politics of tribe.

Meanwhile let’s keep fucking as I keep thinking of more fancy ass shit to post.


Don’t lie to yourself.

Why are your thoughts about anything important ?

Ethiopia had same system comrade but it was a total disaster.