Mr. Muthungu Anthony, manufacturing USB cables and chargers.

Wangui Ngirichi

I am very impressed by the founder of TOTOSCI Holdings Ltd based in Kiangwaci, Kirinyaga County who is currently manufacturing USB cables and chargers.

My office is committed to supporting such startups as a catapult to job and wealth creation as well as a springboard to realizing economic development.

Countries like Singapore and China have excelled in the last few decades from technology driven manufacturing.

Congratulations Mr. Muthungu Anthony for the good work you are doing, this is the way to go.





Manufacturing is the way to go…

Muhoro -

You just messed him up…all agencies will show up asking for this and that approval.KRA ndio hao asking for advance tax, another agency asking for licenses etc. He was better off operating chini ya maji

Wandabwa -

You people are exposing this guy too much to be suffocated by KRA and other agencies. Let him make his money in silence. This is Kenya.

Githinji -

I would advise that guy to stay away from you and your type. You will steal from him and leave him in the wilderness. That is who you are!

Tell these idiots!!

Chomba -

My advice to the guy is to avoid politicians at all cost. They’ll ride on his name then dump him.

Gerald -

He needs several wheelbarrows n one mkokoteni to transport the finished products to lamu port for export

Jamwae njogu -

So sad this young man’s dream is about to come to a tragic end.The Kenyan government cannot allow this to continue #KRA

swali tu.manufacturing and assembly can be mentioned in the same breath?
Anyway,good start for the gentleman,sasa atengeneze ma OTG, HDMI to android cable na aongeze type C cable

Mburu mburu -

Huyu asipolindwa sana the govt will kill that’s enterprise haraka sana or the kimenderos demand to be given shares for it to service in kenya

Ako na type c already

KRA the dream killer

Kra… not the biggest problem. Biggest problem is you and I, his targeted consumers and customers! Are we willing to trust his products and promote him by willingly buying the same? If his business thrives, why should he not pay for the licenses and taxes?

I don’t think that will be a problem… If you manufacture quality products Kenyans will support you.
Check out this guy he has bn at it for a minute and he is thriving… at the height covid he started to manufacture thermometers and now he is also doing Bluetooth speakers.


The guenius will take care of himself…yeye apana mujinga , all I know is that nitatafuta hio charger kesho ninunue…

If he was to fully pay all the licenses and taxes doubt his products would be affordable compared to imports…

You don’t understand how KRA works. Officers have targets to meet and they are rewarded for tax collected. They have an incentive to double or triple the tax that this young man is paying and a portion of it goes to their pocket. They can create a ‘copper recycling tax’ and put this guy out of business tomorrow

The news of the salary bonus is definitely music to the ears of the over 14,000 employees of the Kenya Revenue Authority.
In an internal memo, Commissioner General Githii Mburu told staff that KRA board had approved the bonus payment, equivalent to one months salary.
The move, Githii added was made in consultation with the National [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Treasury and is aimed at rewarding KRA for surpassing the Ksh.1.6 trillion revenue target for the 2020/21 financial year.

I doubt he understands the biggest bottleneck to local businesses is government.