Mr Gustavo

Sometime back, I met one Mr. Gustavo on Facebook. Mmmh! Mr. Yellow. Damn! He is Italian. What else do I ask God for? I clicked on ‘Confirm’ button to accept his friend request. Then headed straight to his inbox. ’ Hi, Thanks for the add ’ and the chats started till 3 am in the morning. Day and Night. No sleeping at all.

Mr. Gustavo owns a Beach Resort in Watumu. He tells me he is 34 years old. What a young wealthy man. His English is not so good, he says he has been in Kenya for a year and now he has enrolled for English classes. I believe his story, and besides, I do not expect him to know English, he is Italian. So his broken English is fine. I am in love.
We date online for 6 weeks and he invites me to Watamu. Mimi ni nani? Mimi Waiguress, When it comes to traveling and more so to the beach, nothing stops me. As if that is not enough , this trip has an added bonus. Mr. Gustavo. The love of my life. So why not? The dare devil in me lead me into temptations.

I quickly broke the good news to my girls. You see Mr. Gustavo and I have already planned a wedding and these girls are to be my brides maids. Wow! They just marveled at me with admirations. But I can’t tell them that Mr. Gustavo and I haven’t met before. We plan a trip to Watamu within 3 days. I mean! Jambojet gets you there faster. 3 of my girlfriends tag along. The other 2 can’t travel within a short period of time.

Upon arrival at Malindi airport, Mr. Gustavo sends me a message, he is held up so we can only meet the following day. That’s ok. We head to Turtle Bay Villas. Book ourselves in. Get a chef and chauffeur. Took selfies and photos and pasted them all over social media. Painted Watamu red. You just need to see the excitement I carry myself in when I am traveling.

The following day we prepare ourselves and head out to meet my love. The husband be in his Beach Resort Hotel. We meet the receptionist and she tells us that Mr. Gustavo is in a meeting with the Italian Ambassador in Kenya. And for sure the envoys car is parked outside. We are ushered in his launch to wait for him. The hotel offers us some cold beverage. We decide to sit outside and enjoy the sea breeze.

The meeting is over and the receptionist walks a gentleman towards us. They are accompanied by another lady.
My girls are now anxious and they start asking if the dude arriving is the ‘one’ and of course yes. According to his Facebook profile picture. Yes he is the one. I stand up to give him a hug! Smiling, Calling out, ‘oh babe!’ Just the same way we have been calling each other on Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.

Shock on Me! Mr. Gustavo steps back! And asks me ,

Do I know you? Have we met before? My heart skips a beat. But he is the same one I have dated for 6 weeks ! I try and introduce myself, introduced my girls too who are calmly watching the drama as it unfolds.

Mr. Gustavo does not get it. The receptionist looks confused. The lady who had accompanied them speaks in Italian and they stare at us in disbelief. I’m now sweating. My heart is racing, not beating, It’s confusing, I can’t see well. Mr. Gustavo calls the security guys. I look at my girls and they are confused and Wondering.

I try and explain myself to the security guys and somehow they want to see the chats. I show them. I even give them Mr. Gustavo’s phone number. The number we have been chatting on Whatsapp. One of the security guys dials the number and recognises its owener. He smiles. He speaks to Mr. Gustavo in Italian. And Mr. Gustavo leaves us with the security men. We are lead down to the beach. To meet the person I have been chatting with.

The security man calls him on phone and tells him to come over with ‘MADAFU’ 4 of them, for some clients in the hotel.

Then, BOOM! a beach boy shows up carrying madafu.


I have been chatting with a beach boy! My blood freezes in my veins.

Slowly I come back to my senses, Pseudo Facebook account! I turn around and look at my girls, They stare at My Gustavo!
I stare at My Gustavo with my mouth wide open!


I read this… funny!!!
Gustavo ni hussein wa majengo

Maliza hekaya jamaneni saa ingine,hii habari nusu nusu tutafanya nayo nini

Money can make women do crazy sh** ! …tafuteni pesa kama Gustavo sonko banae , msikuwe kama gustavo wa madafu…

ungenipigia wakati huo ningekuokoa.