Mr. Boinett a former spy master.

The former IG has been a great asset for the Kenya Kwanza coalition. The guy used his connections in NIS to give intelligence to Dr. Ruto, that’s why UDA have been a step ahead ya deep state wakiwachezea ngware.

he fits right in with jUDAs :D:D

Very true.
Going by his statement Jana, you can tell that Ruto knows that the election is going to be upheld. He also knows that @Gatheca anapiga kelele na kulewa sana of late na ndio akasema tumuombee asipoteze kisu…

Enyewe Gathecha had lost it,lakini hafai kuwachilia every Tom,Dick and Harry to insult him whenever they feel like.
Mtu kama Gachagua ataendelea kutaja yeye till their 5th year of the 1st term

Gachagua suffers from OCD, akikushikilia, he is worse than a hyena which has sunk its canines on a live animal part.

Turedio tikiteta unakubali finally? Jinga sana