Mr 700 and Committees and Toll Roads

Seems there’s to be a committee for everything and anything transport:
JKIA is leaking; committee to investigate
Power black out in airport: committee to investigate
Road accidents: committee to investigate
Road tolling: committee to investigate
Express way destruction: hii naangalia na macho na inakaa 700mirrions worth of damage

It reminds me of the famous committee of inquiries into the previous commitee that was formed to investigate the earlier commitee of inquiry inquiring into the commitee wakati wa Moi

Kwani Murkomeno hajui kuna numbers kama 1,2,3,4,5,6 kila kitu kwake ni 700?

Hio 700M pending bills utapata more then half the amount is from inflated bills…like you by a bic biro pen for ksh 20/=. GOK buys the same for 120/=

Braindead LOW IQ Kenyans had 24 years to learn about the incompetence’s of Kalenjingas and then went ahead to elect a SUPER Thief who in turn installed his rake toothed tribesmen to plunder the nation to eternity.

Negro Hana Akili

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