MPs seek ‘virtual meeting’ laptops at taxpayer cost

Taxpayers will spend millions of shillings on acquisition of laptops to enable MPs participate in virtual meetings if lawmakers approve a report recommending ways for the House to beat Covid-19 disruptions.

The taxpayer is likely to pick up a bill of up to Sh105 million for purchase of laptops for the 350 MPs, assuming each gets an Apple MacBook Pro, whose cost is as high as Sh300,000.

The Sh105 million excludes the cost of buying laptops for the 68 Senators, including the speaker.

“The committee recommends that the National Assembly should consider facilitating members of the National Assembly with laptops for the conduct of virtual meetings,” said parliamentary Broadcasting and Library Committee in report tabled in Parliament last Thursday.

The committee, among other findings, said MPs preferred laptops to iPads for the virtual meetings.

Kenyan MPs are among the world’s best-paid lawmakers but the Covid-19 induced pause in meetings has denied legislators opportunities to boost their earnings through a string of perks like mileage, sitting and subsistence allowances earned from local and foreign travel.

MPs also draw Sh5,000 per committee sitting, with the chair taking home Sh10,000. Vice chairpersons draw Sh7,500.
Other perks include domestic subsistence (Sh19,000), house allowance (Sh250,000) and medical (Sh10 million).

Besides their fat salaries, MPs are entitled to a Sh5 million car grant, a Sh20 million mortgage, and a Sh7 million car loan.

The free laptops recommendation on the provision of free laptops for MPs follows findings of a task force the National Assembly clerk appointed to explore all options available on a possible technology solution suitable for the House to conduct both its chamber sittings as well as committee business while adhering to the Ministry of Health protocols on containment of Covid-19.

Source: Business Daily

Useless people

Lest we forget

Watu ya kenya ni malenge malenge na serikali inajua kuwabeba

Kuna MP hana laptop jameni?

Where is Darwin when we need him?

I propose we just raise the salaries of MPs to 10 million per month

:smiley: man
the frustration

You can bet even if we gave them that they would still say it’s not enough!
You can’t satisfy greed!!

Kwani hawawezi tumia zoom app on a phone?
Sasa ni kutupa pesa on a mac.

Young nation problem. We shall grow up one day.

dumbass fuckery!

Kenyans are indeed useless. Instead of protesting MP excessses, they will be attending political rallies in large numbers to cheer these same MPs.
But when civil society calls a protest against MP greed, only 10 people attend.

And police who also suffer because of the incomptence and greed of the politicians gleefully beat the 10 protesters who bothered to show up and protest.


Next wataitisha Internet allowance for those laptops.