MPs are now resigning. Nabii is overworking


obviously, those are not the reasons that made him resign, let’s wait and see. Hii Kenya vile naijua, the guy might have signed that letter at gun point.

Fake letter!

homosexual wacha kujaza kijiji na ujinga


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I keep saying kukosa degree ni kitu mbaya sana.

-A degree holder would have known that Kenya has no precedence of MPs resigning. This is a weighty matter that would be all over the mainstream press.

-Degree holder then angekimbia kwa mainstream media aone kama iko covered then acheki official social media handles za Keynan where the letter would most likely have originated

-After that the degree holder would have confirmed or dismissed the news.

  • After that degree holder would educate the illiterate retarded fools like the son of a whore called @PHARMACY that its fake news

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Huyu Keynan, the less said about him the better. I’m very doubtful if he was duly elected. But he fits in well with the other thugs in bunge.

Malisia mimi huyo msee was kende moja please.


Tangu lini a Kenyan Mpig aresign from power? :DThat will be a miracle of a century. Maybe tutafika huko 2121

tunarudi nyuma kipmeno ?