I ma trying to register for a virtual P.O BOX via MPOST, BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THE USSD IS DEAD.


posta would’ve been bigger than safaricon, unfortunately kalejingas and mbaruhia mudavadi can’t run shit

Why are you frogging a dead dinosaur.

flogging sounds better.

Viti za gava zinakuwanga hivo. They should privatize this sector to realize its full potential, like they did with telecommunications and media

Posta imepitwa na wakati. Who still sends letters via post office?

I desperately need a P.O BOX

It’s the same thing, if you come from Kangocho …

Kwani hauna email?

For receiving a physical item from Google

Tumia post office code instead

Wewe ni YouTuber needing monetization, weka channel tusubscribe

Looks like it’s dead someone I directed last week was also unable

The only thing Posta is surviving on right now is that deal with immigration for guys to collect passports from Posta.

Umefika kwa ofisi zao, na by the way inaweza cost ma how much kuwa na PO box?

Ya kawaida 2k per year

It’s a postal service.
If they privatize, MBAs will come in and “streamline” things so instead of collecting your mail at Voi, you will be traveling all the way to Mombasa.

Ukiwa na biz you need one. Hurembesha business card

Na high schoolers kutumiana letters wakitoka funky… though watoto wa high school wana recycle stamps. Pia time ya exams primo na seko ni peak season ya posta coz ya success cards

You are a fool. Kenya Posts and Telecommunications used to handle all this stuff until 2000 when they finally decided to privatize the telecommunications arm. Guess what? Phone service went up from 60,000 subscribers nationwide to 30 million today. KPTC could only manage those 60,000 in 40 years since independence but Safaricom connected 30 million in 20 years.

If the postal service is privatized, competition will make the service more efficient, and they will have to be more customer centric since now there is the threat of the company dying if they don’t satisfy customers. With gava monopolies you don’t have such issues, leading to the crappiest service