MPigs are holding dual citizenship. No wonder they don't care

It is just emerging that we have lawmakers in parliament that have dual citizenship.
And we wonder why things keep getting worse in Kenya when we have people that we the taxpayers pay astronomical salaries in order to make sure things are going well. If you have a doctor that you’re paying a lot of money he better make you start healing or he is no good at all and should be dismissed.
If you have 2 homes then you will not work as hard as a person with only one home to keep it in good shape.
Turns out that Miguna Miguna was not the only foreigner politician.
Here’s the list of possible List of 10 MPs activist Okiya Omtata (God bless this man) wants investigated for holding dual citizenship;

  1. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Aden Duale - Majority Leader in the National Assembly (Somali citizenship)
  2. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Ledama Ole Kina - Narok senator (US citizenship)
  3. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Yusuf Hassan - Kamukunji MP (UK)
  4. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Haji Adan - Mandera South MP (Somali)
  5. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Mohammed Garane - Lagdera MP (Somali)
  6. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Charles Nguna - Mwingi West MP (Greece)
  7. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Jane Kihara - Naivasha MP(US)
  8. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Sofia Adan - Marsabit Woman Rep (Somali, Ethiopia)
  9. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Mohammed Duale - Dadaab MP (Somali)
  10. [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Haji Adan - Mandera South MP (Somali)

Wonder no more why the Kenya government messed up the maritime border issue with Somali so badly. It is because we have divided loyalties in the heart of our government.
Tanzania will not even allow a dual citizen individual to buy land in their country so the question of betting a dual citizen and a lawmaker does not even arise because it would never happen.
Maybe even KDF is full of foreigners, nah that would be too much even for our dysfunctional government.

Ati they dont care because some have plan B (kenya ikiumana watatorokea)countries such as SOMALIA?SOMALIA?:D:D:D:D
Halafu you went ahead to conclude KDF is full of foreigners?:D:D:D
Weeh @Yunomi itisha refund ya shule all way from kindergarten :smiley:

Kusoma ni shida. Drink coffee and reread. My statements.
Wait could you also be a dual citizen and that’s why you react this way??

This presents a serious case of conflict of interest. And this seems prevalent with Somali reps

I don’t know which other sovereign nation would allow foreign nationals to be lawmakers.

That drunkard in State House is the one who recommended Mwende Mwinzi to be an ambassador!

Our constitution allows dual citizenship. Wewe ndio uko na shida

Very sad. And then when MPig Charles Njagua tries to secure Kenyan jobs to be taken by Kenyans they throw him in jail.

Dual citizenship for who? Lawmakers? I don’t think Okiya Omtata, a highly educated lawyer, would bring it up if it was legal.

This is not a pole nanii…ngoja tuchonge hii mbao update pole.

There is no way a Somali can come from Somalia and win an election in Garissa, Mandera or Wajir. Absolutely no way. Somalis operate a very strong complex clan based identification system, tunajua watu wetu till their 15th grandfather. The elections in North Eastern province are hugely based on clan populations. Elders from the majority clan in a particular area meet before elections and endorse a candidates, most of the times we officially know the MPs even before IEBC conducts elections. Only time it can be ambiguous is when a majority clan disagrees on the right candidate to endorse and they spit into sub clans thus dividing the votes. This is the natural system of things, not even a Kenyan Somali whose clan is a minority in Garissa can win an election there, he has to go back to Mandera or Wajir where his clan might be the majority.Of course you would only know this if you’re Kenyan Somali or a HIGHLY educated individual.

I blame all this on Kenyan Somali politicians who have for long ignored their people’s plights on the immense difficulty they face on acquiring citizenship rights, today they are in the same position and fingers being pointed at their citizenship. Let them feel what the average Kenyan Somali has felt for a very long time.

I REALISED MOST MAASAI WATCHMEN IN NAIROBI ARE TANZANIANS a time i was driving a vehicle with TZ registration numbers and almost every Maasai watchman greeted me excitedly asking me habari ya nyumbani referring to Tanzania.

What’s also interesting is in that list I don’t see a single Narok Massai or Luhya politician being suspected of holding Tanzanian and Ugandan citizenships respectively. Juzi tu hapa we had a talker here who seemed to hold Ugandan citizenship and even @Ken_Sarro claimed he could acquire Ugandan citizenship and subsequently help his cousins in Uganda claim Kenyan citizenship if the need arose. If research is done today i can bet my left nut the most dual citizenship combination would be Kenyan-Ugandan and Kenyan-Tanzanian. I believe Maasai’s ,Luhyas and other border tribes will one day face the same predicaments Kenyans Somalis are in today.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

If someone has dual citizenship they should not be lawmaker in Kenya. It doesn’t make sense to have foreigners making our laws. Kenyan laws should be made by Kenyans only just like Somali laws are made by Somalis only

Buda, a lot of these people have US citizenship…

Omtata is not a lawyer. Nor that highly educated.

He’s a public interest litigant who works with briefs handed to him by disgruntled citizens and that’s it.

Naona watu hapa wanatishika kuskia the Somali just accept they are here and they are making good progress Kama Kuna siku team yao ya ball ilichapa harambee stars mtasema Nini accept

:oops::oops:are you serious?? And the way he is always suing.
Regardless, I admire his commitment to the rule of law

But you shouldn’t be a holder of Duo citizenship and be in government… I think it should be revoked… If you are a lawmaker you must be a citizen of that country… But Kenya ni corrupt to the teeth

Buda, read the Constitution+law, even YOU can sue on a matter of public interest and not get charged with court fees.

He’s doing good work but let’s not mistake it for altruism. Analipwa for the cases he moves in court.

I fully agree with this. Making laws of a country is a very serious process and should be left to the citizens.
Part-time citizens should not be lawmakers.

We wariah don’t mention me in your useless rants. Have you heard me running for public office? When I said helping my kin from the Uganda side acquire IDs I meant via a legal citizenship registration process. Yaani, kumshika mkono along the entire process. I know that by help you insinuate what Somalis do pale Nyayo house but am above that. Somalis are known trouble makers and other than Kenya, you cannot venture into any other E. African country with ease. A Somali venturing into simple uganda will have to be grilled for hours juu humuaminiki.