If safaricom goes off line for 24hrs the economy will suffer.

They are a threat to national security.

Safaricom should die for Kenya to move forward. Same case with Kenya power

they will surely die.

If Kenya power was well managed it could be the next biggest thing from ISP, Factory, home power to EV charging, lakini MD wao kazi ni bribery kama kenya police

Naaaah. People don’t use it that often.

When they die, what next? Safaricom haina shida. Kenya power ndio inahitaji a new management.

Pesa ndogo, isp is only for a few customers in towns. Dont be deceived that many Kenyans can afford even 3k per month for internet. It will be business for them but it will not be ati game changing business. Let them focus on power production.

If it was not a good business, safaricom and other low quality fiber ISP like zuku and would not be selling the service. BTW I was informed that JTL and ZUKU huuziwa na internet na KPLC

And neither Safcom or Zuku are bothered about selling power…not everything is for everyone. Its not big business like streamlining power production, it may actually be cheaper and easier for KPLC to just buy Zuku or Faiba if they really cared about internet. They should focus on power production. Right now stima ikona shida mingi already na they are a monopoly.

We want cheap power. right now electricity is costlier than diesel.

Mpesa is a major ripoff, the charges are no different from the fuliza gang. When CBK directed mpesa charges waived, safaricom claimed it had ‘lost’ 15.3 billion. This is an insane amount of money just off transaction fees, no sane government would allow it. Its no different from sportpesa siphoning money out of the country to sponsor Everton.

Safaricon = Kenya Power
MPESA = KP Internet

Safaricon has the infrastructure to add secondary business. MPESA ni SMS tuu!
KP can use the infrastructure for a new secondary business.

You must be joking.

Zuku and JTL lease the KPLC poles to run their fibre cables. KPLC doesn’t sell Internet.