Mpesa way way ahead

M-Pesa accounted for 76% (890 Bln) of the Sh 1.1 Trillion that was moved across Kenya’s Mobile money platforms in Q1
in cheki maneno terms tunasemaga Breakaway.

How much of this went to sportpesa or gambling is what ide like to ask

Value of e-commerce transactions is higher than person to person transfers,

I’ve been thinking of this and I wish I was a hacker or just a guy into IT. sai ningekua nafikiria of a way to send and confirm my bet at around…(atleast) 75 minutes of play. kama ni GG ama OV2.5 alafu inakua multibet kama ule mkamba wa KRA

Equitel is second, I like that. Airtel lost 4 million customers in one year due to their poor strategy. How can you make services nearly free and expect dealers to sell the product? They make no money from it so its useless to them.

All I know,and this is from a very close confidant who works at Safaricom us that 65% of all Mpesa transactions are Sportpesa and KPLC


How many times in a month do you buy tokens versus the times you send cash to other entities?

Na sportpesa inataka kuhama Kenya wawache vitisho

sportpesa exit, pesalink and now Mvisa…it feels like mpesa revenues are under attack.

yeah actually i have noted that equitell are making good strides in mobile financial penetration,… in a few years they’ll b head to head na safcom

hehehehehe trying to get customers because they know Kenyans will latch on to any free thing.