Mpesa Reversal

Was out shopping about a week ago and mistakenly sent money to the wrong till number. Straight away got onto safaricon to do a reversal.

Despite them saying the process takes three days, its now close to a week and still no reversal. According to them, they can’t get in touch with the till owner and will keep trying. Clearly, the till owner has ingiad Karura. Basic common sense- They have malasia-d. If you can’t reach them in three days, cancel the till number, block all their lines, give the cops their location details. Some broke cop will surely follow up.

How do you deal with this situation? According to safaricon, if they can’t reach the till owner after an undefined time, originally it was three days, they will pass on the details to me to try and reach them. This is just fuckerry. If Safaricom with all the client details cant reach them, ni simu yangu ndio atashika. The second option they have given me is to report the matter to the police. Yaani, what they are telling me is nimeoshwa.

Has anybody been in this situation, how did they deal with it. If I have a problem with a credit card, I don’t have to go around houses asking ni wewe, ni wewe. Its really pissed me off how safaricon can just wash their hands off the matter lakini with fuliza hawacheki na wewe.

Cant relate.
But why doesnt safcon REFUND THE TRANSACTION FEE for funds sent to a wrong number…or paid to a wrong business number…ama transaction ni transaction…ukipanda gari kuenda wrong destination bado unalipa nauli? Anyway labda wanarudishanga siku hizi…years ago when i reversed nilipata bilatransaction fee.

ukiona umeambiwa uende kwa polisi hapo osha mkono. coz polisi watakuitisha 10k upfront.

Safaricom kutuma mtu kwa polisi is just avoiding responsibility , they can force the till owner to cede the money if you prove ilikuwa wrong payment . unless the till owner withdraws and blocks the line

Enda Safaricom shop. Hii umeffi ya entitlement ya kupiga simu na kugonja usortiwe ni upus

Kenyans wataexploit wanabiashara ikiwekwa rahisi ivo kursverse pesa

kwa shop yetu money was sent a minute later we received message that a reversal was initiated and that money was suspended untill they called the owner and he confirmed.The money sent back to the sender in less than 24hrs

The problem here is that the owner has gone mteja. If they can’t reach the owner, no confirmation therefore no reversal. It’s not a case in this situation but one could just as easily decline to have the transaction reversed.

In mpesa to individual reversal, if the contact is unreachable, the funds are automatically reversed after 24 hours, assuming it hasn’t been withdrawn

Hao ni kuangalia kwa system nakusema, it’s in process, subiri. Or as in my case, escalate the issue, which means f-all to me. Mtu akiingia karura, tuma sniper. Hii maneno of washing their hands off it seriously pisses me of.

Hakuna haja uende kwa karao juu ya mia tatu

Twenty fai utaenda? Twenty? Alafu uongeza kumi ya karao vile uwesmake anasema. With no guarantee of getting anywhere? Plus kumbuka, I still had to settle the bill at the shop. Safaricon should have a better system of dealing with these issues, karao ni kusumbua na till number yao plus time wasted.

Painful mistake. With my fat fingers, it was always a matter of time.Thats the end of me and mpesa tills. I need a system where if something goes wrong, the process is fair and reasonably painless. Si hii maneno of depending on goodwill in a jambazi nation

On a side note. Is it possible to get annual mpesa reversal requests verses actual refunds for tills and personal transactions. I’m sure this figure must be in the hundreds of millions. As in, it’s a major issue.

I know this is now a criminal offence- did they ever give any figures when debating this in parliament

A guy once sent me 11k via a certain SACCO to my M-Pesa. Due to the con games going on, I waited for 25days nikaenda kwa a branch of that SACCO and I asked them whether the transaction was legit. I refunded the total amount. the guy was soo happy despite holding the money for 25days.
Nikiwa uni a guy sent me 7k. that time hakukuwa na reversal. I sent him back all the money even after he said nitoe mia tano ya kujishukuru. it’s all about integrity.

Pesa ya Till number sometimes goes directly to the bank and the account holder has to be contacted by the bank to effect the reversal. It has happened to me…I received money, gave the bank the go-ahead to reverse and safaricom took longer to reverse on their end until the one who erroneously sent the cash called me all manner of names. Then called me a few days later to apologize. At first I wasn’t answering the new number I saw calling…and it was the bank trying to get in touch. Then I used true caller and realized it was a bank number.

I know the frustration.

On day bought Airtel credit via Mpesa and instead put my PIN as the airtime amount. Ended up with 5K plus airtime that i really didn’t need.

Wacha tuseme nili pelekwa round round. Finally they sent to Airtel money which I even didnt have the passpord PIN.

Mpaka wa leo-have never accessed the said money.

To avoid such mistakes again in future, change your M-Pesa PIN to 0000

Cannot. Its risky for my business which is cash/mpesa based. Imagine phone ipotee.

Lost my phone time moja kukiwa na Beyond Zero marathon and reported to Central Police.

The first question by the OB police was if the “the first Family was suspect”

Safaricom can easily solve this by tagging your location to the nearest till number locations. Kama uko pale limuru bata, the app gives you a list of nearby Till numbers, then kazi yako ni kuselect the right one - till number has to be tied to a name

Before acknowledging the transaction, they give you the name of the shop. Sometimes the name of the shop is different from what Mpesa reports.

Safaricon is just shit. With smartphones you can just tap your phone or scan the shop QR code. No need to enter many many numbers. Just tap or scan, confirm the amount that pops up, enter your pin and done. Possibility of human error becomes almost nil. The tech is already there kazi yao ni kuimba tu we developed mpesa and ripping off tu-young hasolas who have developed tech products for the platform.

Even easier to implement -