Mpesa is finished


With the introduction of MasterCard payment to all Kenyans mpaka mashinani I think mpesa days are over…or at least will be reduced to very large extent

‘… leading example across the continent of how technology, innovation…’, yet the exact model was initiated in Nigeria in 2013. This is a global thing.

You know what’s even bigger than Mpesa dying. If this goes well and the government manages to enforce the use of the card, they will kind of have much better oversite on almost all citizens’ cashflow and spending habits. And with recent introduction of VAA there will be no-where hide from taxman.
Prepare more lube boss because the shafting coming your way with this huduma shit is like non other you have ever experienced.

Thiem why are you pretending you don’t know that is a failed project? what is the date of the resource you’ve quoted up there?

Really??? Really?? One of the ways you can top it up is using Mpesa. How many people do you think will go to top it up over the counter in the bank?

I do not see mastercard killing mpesa because there is a large population of Kenyans who are unbanked and another large population of kenyans who have a domant account but use mpesa alot.

Nairobi, Kenya – February 7, 2017 – Mastercard commits to supporting the roll-out of the Huduma Card in Kenya as the technology partner of choice for the local government organisation. The secure payment solution supports Kenya’s Vision 2030 that calls for reforms in public services to enhance accountability, transparency and efficient service delivery, with focus on developing a cashless economy.

The most possible work around will be to incorporate both services.

Huduma and Mpesa and other mobile money platforms can be interlinked just like how mpesa and mswari(read bank of Africa) are inter-linked…therefore topping up the Huduma account can be easily done through Mpesa…my thoughts

This card is not run by a voluntary organisation. It is a credit card operation. It has charges and transaction charges plus more charges. When the charges are accumulated, we will wish we never came across the name master card.

The government needs, it’s own tax payment card via i.e a local bank. Why would we choose to handover the entire nations finances and tax collection details and revenues to a credit debt company.

my friend, two years down the line and you have not been compelled to get the card? And, no, this has nothing to do with the National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS). The only thing they have in common is the name Huduma. The Huduma/Mastercard attempt two years ago was another corruption scheme where government agencies needlessly contract third parties to collect their revenue for a commission. Another example was where Kenya Power contracted other people to sell tokens when they have the infrastructure to do it themselves.

I think the planned scheme did not take off the ground.

OK, this nation has a group of people whose occcupation is to think bad to do bad deeds to the people of Kenya.

Nasikia mkiwaita ati hasora…na mnasema liwe liwalo. fungueni macho.

Finally, admission that this is just about business and not the well being of Kenyans.

Man, tunabebwa kama Kuku za grade kichinjioni. Furk.

This f-ucker forgot one angle to master Card f*uck…you will still need m-pesa pay bill to fuck your Master Card with shit ie load it

Mpesa got roots ,any company can’t from nowhere will never penetrate the market

We are most likely going to always have our phones with us, not our wallets.