Mpango wa Kando Shoots Bussinesman Dead

A businessman was found dead in a Naivasha hotel room on Thursday with a bullet wound on his head.

Police recovered the trader’s Ceska pistol believed to have been used in the shooting, as well as several rounds of ammunition.

It was now clear if the trader, who hails from Timboroa, committed suicide or was murdered by a woman who had accompanied him to the hotel room.

According to a police source, the man booked the room on Monday where he stayed overnight with the woman before he decided to stay on.

Curious workers decided to check his room on after he was not seen on Wednesday only to find him dead and the woman missing.

"Two cartridges are missing and we suspect that the man could have been murdered by the woman friend who later fled from the scene," said the source.

The officer added that the man was covered with a blanket on the bed, further raising suspicion that he was murdered.

“He is a licensed gun holder and we are looking for the woman who had accompanied him to help us with investigations,” the officer said.

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Proverbs 31: 3

you mean no one in the entire vicinity heard the gun shot?

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Someone should have heard the gunshots,… and then this will competently tell whether it was homicide or suicide ===> the position of the gun, the victim’s body/limbs’ posture, gunshot wound location on the head, blood sputter direction. This is why fools should not tamper with crime scenes.
Seargent R. Madowo speaking.:D:D:D:D

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