MP4 to MP3 Converter

Thank you. Job done.
Kujia GK mbili.

sponsee detected:D

Sio hivo. I buy my own drinks.


You look like Kinyanjui Mambarita aka wagashoto aka gakumuthi

Lakini isn’t this wastage of time? I believe those videos are music videos so how about going to torrents and downloading their mp3 if not kenyan songs. Will be faster.

Boss, downloading 200 hand-picked songs ain’t easy. And since ave already got the videos, its easier to extract yhe audio only. Format Factory did a fantastic job.

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Foobar 2000 will do multiple files and folders. Once you tweak it to your liking (saving folder, output Mp3 bitrate, etc), you’ll just point is to a folder and it converts all the files in it to your preferred format. I always download audio in FLAC and convert to 320 kpbs Mp3.

vile amesema…

Hii ni mambo ya mwanaume, na uwachie mzee afanye hio kazi.
Sockets za nyuma ziki spoil ni wewe hutengeneza?

Quality matters, if not Flac or 320kbps then i won’t listen to it

Si ata @Gio anapikanga!
Anyway, he’s not around.

Hakuna mtu hajui hapa that Gio ni mwanaume binti

Hehehe nimeona nimetajwa

Xilisoft convertor. Ipate kwa torrents. Works excellently.