MP4 to MP3 Converter

Which is the easiest way to convert 200 videos to audio only? The applications am getting from ngugu convert one at a time. Anyone knows one that can do all of them at the same time?


All applications I know convert one file at a time. It is just like the way VLC will only play one song at a time. Your only solution is to open two hundred windows of the application but this will kill your memory and probably crash the computer.

Put them on queue but might take several hours though

But you can queue a playlist then do other things, right?

Go to any torrent site and search for “Mp3 Music Editor 7.0.1”. Its around 15mbs and comes with installation key.

Install it and go to “About or Help” to register. There is a section on the menu bar that states import from Video, select all the videos and set the mp3 techno you want. Start converting.

A queue means items are handled one by one which is what she doesn’t want

What I dont want is one that converts a single file, stops then I load the next file… etc. If i can load all the files and the thing converts one at a time, thats ok. Hata kama ni 10 hrs will wait.

Ok, will try that.

Xilisoft Converter
Format Factory

Ultra video convertor

use any video converter on windows can convert upto 5 videos at a go

I want a free thing. Hizi zinalipiwa, and the trial versions do 50%.

Leta tender:rolleyes:

enda torrents
tafuta any video converter pro
install and crack
never update it
convert all your files.
ukilemewa leta na harddisk nikufanyie

200 video to audio is very quick with xlisoft kama uko na ram enough u can set it to do 5 files at the same time

Tumia youtube downloader to convert your mp4 to mp3. Just drag and drop the videos and it does convert three at a time.

Format Factory <—thank me later

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format factory and its free for all