MP3 Audio Format Is Officially Dead


A German Foundation, which owns the patent for MP3 audio format and licenses it, has announced that it’s abandoning the licenses to the format. The foundation has supported the use of better formats like AAC family or MPEG-H. While this move won’t end the use of MP3 instantly, it’s a symbolic move that’ll help other audio formats grow.

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, the German foundation which owns the patent for MP3 audio format and licenses it, has announced that it’ll be no longer be supporting the format. Wondering why? Because they believe that better ways to store music have appeared on the scene and MP3’s retirement should help those formats.

Here’s what Fraunhofer Institute’s official statement has to say:

On April 23, 2017, Technicolor’s mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.

Fraunhofer Institute says that most of the well-known streaming, TV, or radio service providers are now using ISO-MPEG codecs like AAC family or MPEG-H.

MP3’s termination won’t be killing its usage instantly. People will continue to use MP3 as they don’t need a license. However, this move is symbolic and is in favor of superior audio formats. Still, MP3 music format is something we grew up with and it’ll find a place in history books.

Haujaona hiyo article ingine ya Apple na AAC exclusive… Although patents za AAC ni za kina Nokia ni Apple ilianza hiyo ujinga…


[SIZE=1]lakini data na storage bado ni expe yawa[/SIZE]

Umezi delete hehe were you drunk or s omething
anyways sasa mtu kaa mimi…and this just the album folder …sii electro and riddims folder+sound tracks folder

wtf are those sense 8 episodes doing their deleted hehe zingelala huko forever…

niaje baniani…

AAC here I come

hehehehe hindernet kinda ilikwama

mimi mostly ni 320kbps


lakini kwa EMD nimelegea juu I mostly stream em


been uploading most of my music to Google play Music so that I can stream them or download from my phone. I like how the AI curates playlists for you


those uploaded already


I accidentally deleted my whole music collection, 627 GB MP3 and FLAC format, three months ago and I didn’t have any back up.

It is not relevant, but I just wanted to say it because I haven’t talked about it to anyone.

Sometimes I feel like crying when I remember that collection.

ouch!!! Pole for real.
mimi naweza lia nijaribu kurecover

So you upload so you can stream? Why not use cracked Pandora or Spotify instead?

yes. si lazima iupload, it just scans the tags, then look into it’s database and add from it’s db. kama haina then it will upload it.
I can stream other songs too so no need for Spotify or Pandora. This is for those rainy day nikikosa kulipia subscription

But if tidal failed how many more will keep on trying to sell this bs.Sawa i get the clarity but its not worth for long term storage

Cause some music isn’t on em…plus i also lost all my riddim collection from 2005-2013.I had every fucking riddim that droppedn on the websites…disk ilicrash nayo mjinga campo stole the dead hard disk.I have been able top replace everything in my hard disk apart from riddims.

have you tried recovering them? using such tools as stella phoenix?

Daaamn that had to sting. The largest music collection I had weighed in at 70GB. Ransomware got all of it lol.

I have tried everything. I was installing an Os and absentmindedly chose the wrong partition by the time I realized it had been formated and overwritten. The thing is that I had done it so many times without messing up at all.

70gb is less than ma daily music driver folder kwa ma laptops (in case of the occasional black outs cuz usb tings hula battery charge)

Mbona ustuff your Hard-drive with 70 Gigs of illegally downloaded music
Haha peasants

Furthermore most hometheartes ata zile low-end za ampex hukuja na bluetooth
Unless you’re a DJ kujaza ma mp3’s Kwa Hard-drive ni urimu

Embrace the future we’re in 2017 not 2004 [ATTACH=full]99756[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]99756[/ATTACH]


You mean I will loose all my mp3s?

Bruh stop talking what you don’t get spotify and pandora hazina discography zote za mse.Plus if you are an audiophile what matters nikuwa na hewa when you need it.Si story stima kupotea as has been the case lately then hauna way unaweza play your music cuz haiko youtube,pandora or spotify.@Deorro solution is the only one thats is feasible although mimi all my music is in megasync 6 50gb accounts si rahisi kumaintain but worth it.