MP kadinya paraded..I love Ugandan tabloids...Rep Pepper is juicy..EH!EH!


Luv tha paper. “Ati Rema Swallows Live Seed.” :D:D:D:D

Hiyo summary … brief and to the point!

Kapsa, banange

someone told me huko ata news show dead mutilated bodies live-live without any blur or coloration

Hii ni shadow, mngeona red pepper ya early to mid 2000’s mngesema nini? Kwanza they had a columnist called Hyena, the guy had vulgar and really funny hekayas.

I bought copy moja miaka za early 2000s na kila mtu alikua anakuja cubicle kuona goodies, uyo editor used to call it Kandahar this gained momentum coz of the Kandahar bombings

Na walikuwa wanaanika wasee wa kukulana kwa green lodging sana.

Bukedde TV and meat-wrapper is also notorious.

Hio red pepper nlijua na porn magazine an equivalent of seen. Baadaye ndo nagundua ni tabloid.

Yes the earlier 2000 version was too hot, by then I was a student in Uganda, people used to buy the new vision or monitor papers then buy the red paper and put it in between the know papers. There was a time some parent fainted in a matatu when he came face to face with a picture of his daughter being dry fried at some form six leavers bash