Moving To Kenya From the States

Those guys always complaining about Kenya, its the dream of some people to move here and I concur inspite of all the corruption and carcinogens.It really is the best place in the world to live. Many people are coming back home.East or West home is best. I couldnt take my eyes off their noses.Very cute.They look like a bro and sis.

which carcinogens that are not already in the US

Kenya is really a beautiful country lakini…

Kenya has vibrant people. When you hit and walkout that airport, there is a buzz like no other.

Watch this. You know its not what they show to the outside world

East or west home is best. Kurudi tho lazima uwe na a clear strategy in terms of income source support sio kurudi tu fwaaa. Seen jamaas become depressed kurudi na kupata their old friends hata hawawes wafikia. Worse kama kurudi kwao ilikua unprepared and not voluntarily.

You sound like you are trying to convince yourself…

We don’t need some idiots to come back to Kenya to get us convinced, we already know Kenya is a great place to make a life. we have problems just like all other places have problems so we make do, and we make do better than those who left

I have seen comments like this here before, eti kurudi lazima uwe na strategy as if those coming back due to hardships have options

Waaa Makena …no comment

These your avatars tho

Invariably, most returnees to Africa will go back to the states. I used to follow two returnee families (African Americans) on YouTube. Two years later they were back to America. Both families landed in Uganda and then one family branched over to Rwanda a few months later. When they made that last vlog about the decision to come back, there was a sense of culture clash and frustration. They had been conned. Most locals couldn’t understand the concept of “coming home” to Africa or why it was important for their spiritual healing. Ugandans would openly tell them they were stupid to leave the US for Africa. They would mock their American accents. What they found in Africa was very different from what their romanticized ideals.
I think some countries are better than others at accepting returnees especially Ghana.

Here’s Steve Harvey in Ghana just last week. He’s really emotional about coming home and getting a sense of belonging that he has never felt before.

If the reason for moving is to set standards on the basis of your old friends then hapo utaanguka vibaya.

Emphasis on ‘voluntary’ in my comment.Hardships is a different ball game.

Tru dat

Theres a whole country of returnees Liberia soo it cant be most. And I know plenty of people who stay. I think the returnees you speak of had other issues.Other peoples opinion about your accent and why you returned to me isnt a good enuff reason to return. Further there are alot of expatriate meetups, so if locals do not get you ,you can still socialise and network with the expatriates community . From living in a resort town thats full of white retirees who want to spend the last years of their life in Kenya, I think whites adapt much better. I remember this Italian lady living in makuti house raising goats how many blacks would be happy with that life , for them its an adventure and they love the slow pace and great weather . Even with their pension they live a reasonably comfortable life and they find Kenyans more social and warm compared to their life in Europe. You can choose your tribe wereva you are, you dont have to be limited to the locals who dont get you. I heard of an expatriate who was sent back to London after living here for a couple of years and couldnt stand it. He just had to come back. So if white folks fit in ,I cant see what would stop a black person from fitting in.

Nice to see you back. At least I made an effort which bore fruits:)

Would you like to retire in the U.S or Kenya?

Africans go to America while ADOS come to Africa am I the only one who sees a clash

homelessness is a terrible terrible thing.

You cannot live past a certain age majuu who will take care of you when everybody has bills to pay once you realise this unaanza kujipanga mapema not investing in yourself only but others back home kama unaweza jitolea kusomesha mtoto mmoja wa extended family tuma ka kakitu when requested usisahau mabeste a call when you get the time.
You will need family and friends when you make the decision this will come down how treated them ukiwa majuu