Moving houses literally

While we are struggling how to relocate a tree iko pale westlands to pave way for the express way, mchingo is moving houses

China is a country that has made huge strides in matters technological development. The country has never ceased to amaze the world with its inventions and other jaw-dropping moves.

Residents of a Chinese town near Shanghai were recently left in bewilderment after experiencing something they had never seen in their lives.

@Trojanex has learnt the residents could not believe their eyes when they spotted an 85-year-old building being moved from its original spot to a different location to give room for another structure.It was reported that workers dug around the building and installed about 200 mobile supports in the spaces underneath the structure.

The building’s pillars were well truncated by the mobile supports which were then moved upwards, lifting the whole structure while moving it forward.

According to CNN, it took workers 18 days to rotate and move the building to its new location, 62 meters away.

The publication confirmed the relocation was completed on October 15.

Hakuna hata picha ya house?

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