Moving ahead---as haters hate


Wewe siutachomwa na akina Uncle Toms wakiamka

What’s the hurry? At that speed, where would you be going to?

hapa train ikiderail watazika moshi ata si jivu

Unaishi eldi unafanya job Nairobi.

From Mombasa to mumias ni one hour. Look at it this way : natoka Mombasa na ninafika mumias while you are still stuck at langata round about on your way to Rongai

So, our real problem is how to get to Ronga faster

Unafika Nai unaingia kwa jam to your office. Add 2 more hours if you work on Mombasa rd huko Mlolongo


Wueh,30mins to mombasa?

Kijana hiyo si gari ya moshi


meanwhile… wheelbarrow

Good point.


So with bottom up unaanzia wheelbarrow ndio unafika bullet trains? Ama how does it work

:smiley: Maglev wheelbarrows

China is shiet.