Anyone with links to online movies,saidia. Have been blocked from using KODI and Torrents…

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By who???

lipa netflix utulie.

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my employer. who else?

pereka umama uko…

:D:D:D:Dwrong move

Kwa hivo tuseme uliweka Kodi kwa computer za boss… una mchezo


ok. i give up.


Maana ya bank otuch ni nini?

uliza okuyu and jaluo…niulize mambo ya papa emorimori (don’t even try to google that) ,nyinyi ndio wale mnafikiri kenya is either black or white,okuyu or jaluo…chieth

:rolleyes:o_Owas an honest question not addressed to u in particular but to anyone who myt know, I was listening to this nice song but I don’t know what the title means…surprised that u took it personal

Pole kwa masahibu. Here are a few websites, I haven’t updated the list lately so my apologies in advance if some have changed:

A download manager such as FDM, IDM or DAM is required to download from these websites.

Here’s how to configure your IDM:


it doesn’t feel good working on a saturday…sorry i took it out on you. Any links you might have?

swafi braza!!swafi…

oh sina boss, but naona @Luther12 amekusort

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Its true bro with less than a thousand per month, Netflix will sort you out.

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Hi @Bingi !

Sir, habari ya leo! Sasa kuna documentary nzuri sana jamaa fulani alianika hapa called empire in africa. Tried downloading it from the Youtube link, but the video was one of those that start out but at some point redirect you to download the actual movie from another site. I abhor such sites since they are riddled with viruses. Could you be as good as to locate the thing for me? Mimi na hizi ujanja zangu ndogo tumeishiwa mahali hapo katikati. Thanks in advance.

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Niaje FP! Amenyonya mjunior?