Movies to watch

ild recommend the following
-Jason Bourne
-War Dogs

Drop your favourite


Tuliwachana na movie
*shooter ya antonie fiqua

just watched War Dogs trailer…not bad. Will watch the movie on Friday

24, Nikita, Bourne Series, Banshee, Blindspot …

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Currently watching True Memoirs of an International Assassin

The Infiltrator. Jason Bourne is a good movie.
I watch my movies on show box, have installed it on my tablet, then connects to the TV via Chrome cast.

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Chuua hii link basi and suit yourself

si una ufala, nimeclick teketeke full screen, Eish nimekimbilia close Tab kama panya ameona paka

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bms series…RAPE HUMOR

Don’t Breath. - Don’t watch the trailer before you watch it.
Mr. Church - Eddie Murphy gives a great performance.
Hell or High Water.
[SIZE=3]Sheriff: If you see anyone looking a little sideways give me a call.
Man in truck: Sideways don’t wann meet me. 'Find itself on a wrong end of a short rope.
Sheriff: Uhh… well, that would simplify things for everyone but you.
Man in truck: Maybe. If you can find the tree.
Kubo and the Two Strings - Animation

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I agree on Kubo and the two strings …kids liked it also got em BFG and Petes Dragon hope itawabamba …For myself hope to get time to watch Masterminds(Not expecting much but i have some giggle enhancer).

Boss second episode just dropped today and you already riding their dick kwani we uko marketing ya Mark walhberg …ngoja series ifike atleast 6 episodes b4 u start opening mouth.

Shooter has a single episode rated 9.0 on IMDB but overall rated 7.6. Sigh. Anyways, looks to me like one of those CIA/FBI/NCIS/CID/ALPHABET shows that after a while you cannot tell it apart from the rest of the alphabet shows.

Anyone watched Wrecked? Found it funny. Maybe because I watched every single episode of Lost… then almost put a nail through my skull on that stoopid last episode. Damn that ending! But Wrecked. Try it.

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Salò: 120 days of sodom

hehe nilipeana hii movie kwa thread ya @introvert kijiji ilinikemea… but still a classic watch freaks (1932) not twisted but from that era it shows a lot of work(exploitation) was put into it.

weka link tena…

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Kuna movie na TV show I clearly stated Antoine fuqua na nikasema ni ya 2007 sijui Mbona uko na pararira mingi hivi

Once again there is TV shows aka series and …anyway

My bad din notice that u meant the movie …naona post nyingi zinaangea juu ya hii series hapa na ilikuwa na episode moja am like wtf!

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Those kind of series came to really bore me. Now i hate anything investigative

Mad dogs sio mbaya. Its a series