Movies and Series

Wayward pines - currently on season 2 mambo fyam
Childhood end- kitambo kiasi

The Finest Hours
Get a Job
Precious Cargo
10 cloverField lane (anza na cloverfield lane[2008])
The Nice Guys


Bastille day
How to get away with murder 1&2
Penny dreadful

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The Last Ship


Where can I get HQ series like 720p or 1080p , the guy who sells me movies where I am sells very low quality Stuff like 360p or 240p that make it a pain to watch. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Just download them yourself. Hakuna ujanja.

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I know about that option but I prefer to buy movies and series as I hate waiting for downloads…plus my 12gb safaricom data wouldn’t turn a profit if I went that route


Openload movies

Couchtuner na putlocker si ni za kustream?

The purge ile mpya
Ile movie ya rock na ule short black comedian

Add American Crime Story.
The problem with movie guys is the software that they use to convert downloaded movies which causes the movies to lose quality.

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Yeah but ukiwa na IDM utadwnload

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Couchtuner na putlocker…sisemi kitu…

Nini mbaya na hizo? Or they’ll make you become a couch potato? :D:D:D

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I think we should invent a means of sending and recieving files that does not depend on the internet. So that,people with high speed internet can share files in real time with those who dont.

E.g. Suppose @Riva also happens to like documentaries,i’d send him the American greed i have in 720p as he likes them

Great idea

The purge ile ya kwanza ilikuwa poa pia.

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Plus they don’t understand what settings to input, that’s why the quality goes down.

hii mpya imekuwa box office hit
budget was 10 mic lakini imeingiza almost 60 mic