Movie shop

I have 60k and I want to a movie shop and I have no idea on how to start.Help

@Tommy Lee Sparta do your thing

buy a bodaboda and say goodbye to monthly rent.

You should have worked on the idea before looking for the startup capital…
Otherwise, if you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will lead you there!

4gb ram
3tb HD Mem
1tb External Mem

Disc Copier
Ashampoo Burning Studio
Movie Shop(3months Rent)
Cd Shelves

should come to around 120k

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The major items ni the ones underlined.

Boda gani hio inatoka 60k?

mimi hushow mtu

make a plan then work your plan

uyu msee agekuwa amechapa research on the location na target market yake na rent charges

then visit wale watu wako na movie shop be friend them as u get the ideas na zingine unasanya
then juwa were to source the movies and previews
then kuna licence kwanza ya municipal
then MSCK
then PRISK’
then ya video
then certificate ya fire
na picha ya uhuru (usiweke samantha president)

then CPU na duplicator ni muhimu

then screen kubwa unaweza anza na 32 inch

u also need a good sound system, ukiweka preview mtu anadhani ako theater

then lazima ukuwe na net hakuna short cut

all the best ukitakaa ngwati niko na over 8 tera nitakupatiya

Kujia 8tb full of series and movies in AVI format.

With faiba hiyo biashara yako itafail:D:D


Hit me up kwa messenger

Watu wakistream movies wengine wanataka kufungua shop ya findeo?

:oops::oops::oops: cc @uwesmake
8 TB ya ngwati unafanyia nn msee

vile mpesa yako iko na float ngwati ndio float yetu

I have an existing movie shop. Kuja nikuuzie electronics

Why are you selling?!

I think your location and clientele are the most important. Check out the complete movie shop business plan at