Movie shooting fail

The brave season 1 episode 2.
This guy killed 3 people his gun in this condition.

you must be very slow so he would shoot his fellow russians? Ni jaz alishoot

Which movie is that?

What condition

Safety on

Fala sana… Mjamaa labda una hangover

nilikunywa kidogo mkumbwa

safety iko wapi? @pamba saidia

safety iko on… now that’s funny…

hapa ata mimi iko taka usaidizi @imei2012

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Ak huwes cock kabla ufungue safe …in that picture the safety lever is in it’s uppermost part hence very safe!

sketch priss

Alipiga watatu ikiwa hivo he he

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Safety lever ikiwa just= safe
Katikati= burst/rapid fire
Chini = single shot /round fire

Lakini hii masomo imeishia hapa won’t be answering stuff to do with weapons or kdf!


sande sana now I know

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ww unawatch movie aje… [ATTACH=full]148959[/ATTACH] hao watu wameshootiwa si ni comrades of the said shooter… ona movie vizuri uache ujinga…

yes sir. nitaacha mkumbwa

driving a vehicle with hand brakes on.