Movie Recomendation For The Fight Movies Enthusiasts, Or Just The Bored

‘Accident Man’ is a kinda fast-paced movie with well choreographed fight scenes, but with a shallow plot. I am not good with reviews so I will just give a rating: a 7/10.
A.O.B As you pass by, would you kindly air your feelings/ views regarding the sci-fi flick ‘Venom’?

I love fight scenes where both parties are really struggling and in pain. You just don’t know how shit is gonna end.

Mission Impossible Fallout :Musito Ethan Hunt and Superman nearly get taken out by a random Asian guy :smiley:

Another one Mad Max Fury road.

You like sports?


They greatly underutilised Tom Hardy. That is not how you cast the man who brought Bane to life!

Yeah, those are some pretty bad ass fight scenes. In ‘Accident Man’ too, the main actor gets his ass handed to him by a chick!

I guess it was all for the plot to work, he had to be a bit passive so that when the alien life form takes over his body, it becomes the dominant one! Turned out poorly though

All those fouls in one game? Si ingesimamishwa tu, watoe mpira then wa anze Kungfu fighting?

I will never forget Bane. Bad Ass villain, he beat up Batman so one sided such that Catwoman became so traumatized. She was later found by Robin trying to sneak out of Gotham city in fear of Bane.


:D:D:D:D:D:D superman na tomcruise walichapwa na mchinku mpaka wakakimbilia binduki . banshee/into the badlands ikirudi walete huyo mchinku tu deal na yeye :D:D:D:D

Ango umesifia huyo mchinku sana! Anza petition akuwe star kwa action movie yake. Na usisahau ku swear “No Homo!” every time you describe a man in such glowing terms. Sawa Bukusu?

Nawatch iyo kesho
Nimeingia archives nikachungulia passenger 57 na Blade

Make a point of leaving your views here after watching. Just want to know if you think Sony did justice in movie production!

Si movie but currently watching Narcos Mexico sn 1. Hii kitu ni kali. Iko na kale kamexican kanapeananga story haziishi kwa antman.

Boyka undisputed trilogy is crazy

Micheal Pena baba yao

pena aliweza sanaa kwa narcos but ali flop kwa equalizer

Same actor, no?

Never Give Up was good too,too bad they didn’t do a sequel.

Yeap same actor