Movie Buffs Kuna Vile Tumebebwa Ujinga

Na kwa Top Gun, ejecting at Mach10, the mathematic there isnt mathematicing especially considering that kinetic energy scales with velocity2


fact ni kwamba Seagul ni cult hero same level na Stallone na Schwaneger . specifically his movies za 80s,90s zilikuwa muoto . i loved his combat scenes hata hio @magreb ameweka hio monkey fight scene imenijazz . i always like movies watu waki fly ma shaolin kwanza.

but movie za seagull za after 2000 ni bullshitttt

no one who saw seagul movies in the 90s anaweza ongea mbaya we all enjoyed it. hio close hand to hand combat bado napenda :smiley:

@Josto Bwaku

He is appearing in about 6 movies per year which are of very poor quality. Nikimuona as I e of the actors, I don’t watch it

But he used to appear in good content…

Yea, Kwanza pulp fiction na the Die Hard series

He was never in pulp fiction or diehard

But they don’t make those epic movies za akina Quentin Tarantino ama ule jamaa wa Titanic. Remember akina casino, Lock stock and two smoking barrels? I tried watching the latest James bond na hiyo vitu inaboo…

Ni kama since equipment got cheaper every “actor” and their cousin is a movie producer now. Sahi kila mahali ni rainbow colours and woke agenda. Sheer trash can’t risk 2 hours of my life watching

Uko sure? Kindly check IMDb, he was the main guy in Die hard playing a cop who always saved the day and a boxer in Pulp fiction

Mimi I watch confirmed greats. Or I just pick a director kama Christopher Nolan and rummage through his content. There are at least 10 Hollywood directors with impressive catalogue, enough movies to last a peron a while before looking deep again.