Move over Kalonzo, Ngilu is back as the Kamba kingpin

Doesn’t it seem so? There’s no time I can recall when Kalonzo’s political utterances have elicited the kind of response from the Kamba folk that Ngilu’s have. Perhaps it’s all to do with Kalonzo’s uncanny penchant for lacking cojones in his vibes and/or Ngilu’s abrasive, unapologetic, shrewd style. Whatever the reason I think this Kalonzo bitch just got fucking replaced at the top of the food chain!

Meanwhile even as charcoal ferrying vehicles get burnt in Ukambani, and as tyres get inflated on the highway and people robbed, we must still fuck. The drama continues shortly. …

umbwa ghassia takataka unaita mumama KINGPIN aje . mumama akae jikoni atupikie sembe

its very sad indeed because a person qualifies to be a kingpin if she utters inciteful words and implies people to riot,demonstrate and burn peoples property.really sad… …

That Makueni guy is quietly building a name for himself. Sijui if he had ambitions for national government leadership but he is definitely a person to watch. It’s sad that he has to leave office. Wil Makueni find an achievement oriented guy in 2022? We will see

Such a useless human being like creature.

Be gender sensitive.
She is a kinghole…

Gentle Giant Kivutha Kibwana. Huyu jamaa hawezi burn out na Governor’s seat kama sonko. Devolution CS awaits him

Very sad.

yes there’s mutula junior and makueni mp coz they will definitely get the wiper ticket and the ticket is your way to governorship…the current governor will completely retire from public service and politics after Is term he has already made it known

stupid. dinywa rasa polepole