Mourning Fallen Hero

@Wakanyama thank you for your service to the village



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This is sad, our general will live forever.

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Oooh My kumbe you are still foolish ata in 2017 i really pity your mother

Kwa nini mkang’oa wakanyaks?

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So long General @saimo till we meet again

Vipi shoga[ATTACH=full]76975[/ATTACH]

I want to grab ur puthy

I hope his internet service doesn’t work again! One less mungiki in the village is good news


Left no man pull you so low as to hate him

He fought gallantly against homosexuals, dim eyes and all who sought to undermine the supremacy of pure blood, and for that the village is greatly indebted


You are literally masturbating on ktalk. Atleast Bingwa everybody suspects him, but Ktalk CSI haijawai mpata. yako ni obvious.

Quite an attachment you have with your anus to nickname it “the village”

Haha. Next itakuwa wamathuruari.

Good riddance.

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@aviator shemale tulia

Aviator ni nyanyako?

Bring back wakanyama

Heheeee Wakanyaks aliwekwa miti ya jembe kwa kunyi? Thop!
Sirkal si macheso