Mountains Of Garbage In Eastleigh

Nothing unusual about this. I saw a clip in which the first floor balcony is just 1 meter higher than the rubbish heap. Lack of planning.


There is something about garbage Na mwafrika

They will it is self hate. Mwafrica ni mnyama pori

Sadam Hussein must go .

Cabbage is good

Walalo na uchafuhawaezi saidika

Eastleigh is very filthy…being a business hub, I am not sure why kanjo cannot enforce rubbish collection and cleaning of those streets.

Instead of pointing the blame to the useless government you are blaming dna?

Not everything is to be blamed on the government
Have you seen how mama mbogas can’t just organize themselves just to clean where they operate?
Instead of contracting vijana waokote vijiti vya mboga,they would rather throw the dirt on the road

Can’t relate. I have been to that part of eastlando only once in my life. Kama elite I have no business being there.

You must be ga-y au homosexual.

River Thames, bang in the heart of London - was afloat with slaughterhouse waste, raw human waste and industrial waste. In 1957, the Natural History Museum declared the Thames biologically dead.

Panua mkundu pole pole … U Sissy fuk bila kusumbua.

They pay the government and some cartels everyday to use that space why cant those people who get paid do something to earn their money

you have homo vibes/ innuendos

Fortunately I don’t give a shit what anyone on here thinks esp a self confessed degenerated Maragoli homo …