Motorists, Nduthi owners, Matatu passengers. Basically kila mtu except cheki manenos guys

Habari ndio hii. You have 6 months to prepare.

Deficit lazima ipunguzwe sawa?


Tano tena

@spear kuja kidogo uone development…shenji.

Kama ngata ni 110 sahii kuongeza 16% will take it to 130

Propagandist atakuja hapa aseme …

“The fundamentals are strong”


The economy IS growing but all the gains have been hijacked by crafty foreigners with the help treacherous locals masquerading as “leaders”.

Meanwhile thuraku’s condition waxes and wanes between stagnation and hopelessness.

Hali ya umeffi

#MbeleIkoSawa #TanoTena

PS: The rains are back watu wa Nairobi prepare for sludge rivers for roads and collapsing buildings.



Wawawa ! ! ! Petroleum prices at the pump dictate the prices of goods and services , kilakitu itapanda bei, hata stima.
We need to be told how bad things are, and what else IMF discussed with Treasury. For sure hard times are around the corner.

:eek::eek::eek::mad::mad::mad::mad:…But they are already imposing a tax of almost 40% on fuel as we speak! TANO TENA

Things don’t look good.

You will have to suffer people. you must suffer for what has been done in your name.

Time to rethink where we are headed to. First check devolution.

Na DP WSR bado hapata yake 10, but what the cost of holding 2 presidential election in one year

I think it pales in comparison to what we are yet to witness.

Can you change the constitution even if you wanted to? A referendum at 66% when 50% is not even feasible. Maybe counties need to be asked to produce. How much in taxes do they collect?

Ei! ei! Ei! sharap and TANO TENA !!!:D:D

When you guys went to polls , you should have questioned what plans do these political candidates have for debt increase. Instead YOU had some other things engulfing your judgement making it murky. You voted thinking the debt will go away.

Let’s do math , the debt is heading to 5 trillion mark(when kibaki left it was at 1 trillion). We are 54m let’s say 50 million kenyans . Now if you do 5tr/50ml = 100k. Every kenyan has a foreign debt of 100k to pay.

My math can be flawed or wrong but it gives you a picture of where we are heading . Kuleni kiburi yenu. TANO TENA.

First tano tena,
This is where tribalism takes people, you suffer as others suffer hakuna mtu anakujali

And shait.

Which was the other election?

Just when i am thinking of getting myself an ML 430

Niaje makanika murefi…bwakire! :D:D